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How We Celebrate

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Every Life Deserves to be Celebrated

When you lose someone you cherish, your heart is breaking, and you may feel lost. A way to begin healing is to celebrate your loved one, by sharing how much they mean to you, family and friends.
When you gather, tell stories, share memories, say their name, and feel the love, it encourages a focus on the positive, more uplifting aspects of life.
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Why It's Important to Celebrate Your Loved One

It's human nature to want to remember those we've loved and lost. To mend, to heal, to live, and never forget.

Whether your loved one chooses a casket, urn, or both, it's comforting for your family and friends to be together. Holding a celebration is not only a way to say goodbye, but it also helps you move from grieving their loss to treasuring their memory.

Personalized Celebrations

We always appreciate being able to work with families in planning a unique service that pays tribute to and celebrates the life and spirit of a loved one. There are many ways to plan a meaningful & memorable celebration that honors their legacy, and we are open to any ideas your family has. We also have ideas we can share.

Just as each person is unique, each celebration is special. The sky's the limit! You can create a tribute movie or slide show, display photos or scrapbooks on a memory table, choose a theme, personalized music, special readings, keepsakes or special food and drinks.

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Dear Kalas

At Kalas Funeral Home & Crematory, we take pride in being voted the best area funeral home. Take a look at what some of the families we've served have to say.

Thank you for your kindness in helping us celebrate my father. We really appreciate everything you did to guide us. The celebrations at the funeral home and cemetery were very nice, and you even made sure the sun was shining that day. Thank you again.
- Denise M.